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Deception Pass and the San Juan Islands

Below you’ll find dive site names and GPS coordinates for the latest trip to Deception Pass and the San Juan Islands.

April 21
Castle Rock: N48.420469 W122.820344
Deception Pass: N48.405894 W122.643956
Northwest Island: N48.417942 W122.670406

April 22
Strawberry Island: N48.561131 W122.734039
Black Rock: N48.545822 W122.765722
Allen Island – Northside: N48.468883 W122.707369

April 23
Long Island Wall: N48.442914 W122.932097
James Island: N48.517533 W122.779739

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Other Details
  • Organizer : Bruce Hansen
  • Location : Deception Pass and the San Juan Islands
  • Submitted On : 27 Apr 2017